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SSE- Facilities Management


Specialised Sterile Environments (SSE) provides cleaning solutions for the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Electronic and Software Industries. The company works with Multinational and Indigenous companies throughout Ireland providing an unparalleled specialist cleaning service.

SSE understand the importance of compliance within Regulated Bodies such as the ISO, HPRA and FDA, and as a result, it carries out routine audits in partnership with clients to ensure the continued maintenance of high standards within its facility. SSE manage all integrated service facility requirements, including basic contract cleaning to general maintenance, auditing, landscaping, pest control and consumable supplies.

SSE provide the following services across a variety of industries
• Specialised Cleanroom Services
• Contract Cleaning
• Facilities Services
• Facilities Auditing

SSE - 2024

How Western Hygiene engage & build relationship...

FM solution - 2024

Products & services delivered by WHSL

FM solution 1 - 2024

How much SSE benefitted working with us!!

As a direct result of working with Western Hygiene, SSE estimate that it has saved approximately 20% on staff time. This saving correlates to the following Staff do not have to
• Oversee stock control (on hygiene products)
• Place orders
• Co-ordinate deliveries
• Report damaged/faulty equipment

Labour Savings were also noted
• On high-capacity dispensing systems
• Due to a reduction in time needed to refill

A Glimpse of Western Hygiene- in SSE words

FM solution 2 - 2024

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