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Situated in Midwest Ireland, the Limerick Savoy Hotel on Henry Street is located in the centre of Limerick City close to the River Shannon. The Savoy, one of the finest hotels in Limerick. It is a luxurious boutique property.

With 107 recently refurbished guest rooms and suites which feature marble , spa facilities, gym, and a private pool are also available. The Savoy is a destination for food lovers and drink connoisseurs alike: a choice of five stylish restaurants and bars offer something to suit all tastes.

• 5 Stars
• 107 Rooms
• Spa Facilities
• 5 Restaurants /Bars

Case Study- Western Hygiene

How Western Hygiene engage & build relationship...

How Western Hygiene engage & build relationship

Products & services delivered by WHSL

Order Supplied - 2024

How much SSE benefitted working with us!!

As a direct result of working with Western Hygiene, The Savoy have saved ONE HOUR per day (7 hours/1 staff day per week)
Additional savings centered round
•  Reduction in time allocated to order management and stock control
•  Electricity Costs
•  Water Usage

A Glimpse of Western Hygiene- in SSE words

“Anytime we had an issue it would resolved immediately after care and customer care have been outstanding”- Aidan O’Gorman/ Purchasing Manager/ The Savoy Hotel.

A Glimpse of Western Hygiene- in Savoy Hotel

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