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Suma Star-Plus D1 Conc. Hand Dishwashing Liquid Refills – 1.5 Litres (2Pack)

Suma Star plus D1 plus is a highly concentrated hand dishwashing liquid for cleaning pots, pans, crockery, glass and all washable utensils. The formulation is an optimal blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants, which cuts through grease and dried-on food and makes rinsing easy and streak-free. Compatible with Suma Divermite Plus Dispenser D1


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Suma Star Plus D1 Plus Highly Concentrated Hand Dishwashing Liquid

Suma Star Plus D1 Plus is an advanced hand dishwashing liquid designed for cleaning pots, pans, crockery, glass, and all washable utensils. Its highly concentrated formula delivers powerful cleaning performance while ensuring economical usage.

Key Properties:

  • Highly Concentrated Formula: Suma Star Plus D1 Plus is a highly concentrated neutral liquid detergent that offers excellent economy in use.
  • Effective Grease Removal: Formulated with an optimal blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants, it effectively cuts through grease and dried-on food.
  • Streak-Free Rinsing: This detergent provides streak-free and easy rinsing, leaving utensils with a superior finish.
  • Stable Lather: The stable lather ensures the long-lasting efficiency of the cleaning solution, even in challenging cleaning conditions.


  • Reduced Waste: Highly concentrated formulation reduces waste and storage requirements, offering excellent economy in use.
  • Decisive Cleaning Action: Effectively cuts through grease and dried-on food, thoroughly cleaning all kitchen utensils.
  • Superior Finish: Streak-free rinsing provides a superior finish on all washable utensils, enhancing the overall presentation.
  • Long-Lasting Efficiency: Stable lather ensures prolonged effectiveness of the cleaning solution, maximizing its cleaning power.
  • Convenient Dispensing: It is compatible with the Divermite Plus dispenser systems, offering convenient and controlled dispensing for optimal usage.

Use Instructions:

  1. Recommended Dosage:
    • Divermite Plus Dispenser: Use a minimum recommended 1 dose (15ml) per 40L. Add Suma Star Plus D1 Plus to running water for best results.
    • Diverflow with Surelink (using high flow): Maintain a concentration of 0.04% in the cleaning solution.
  2. Cleaning Process:
    • Prepare the cleaning solution as recommended.
    • Soak items are to be cleaned and washed with a cloth, brush, or scouring pad.
  3. Rinsing: Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any detergent residue.
  4. Drying: Allow utensils to air dry completely before storage.
  5. For Heavily Soiled Items: A higher concentration may be required for heavily soiled items. Adjust dosage based on cleaning requirements.


  • Actual dosage may vary depending on cleaning conditions and equipment used. Adjust dosage accordingly for optimal cleaning results.
Weight 3000 g
Dimensions 190 × 148 × 209 mm

Number of Units

Volume of Each Unit


pH Value (neat)


Relative density (20°C)


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