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CisteClean: Smart Laundry Solution

Increase Profitability by Reducing cost & Improving Efficiency

What is ClisteClean & How it Helps You?

CisteClean is a modern cloud-based solution that uses innovative technology to connect, simplify and optimize your commercial laundry business.

Designed to increase profitability and make your business leaner, the software platform enables 24/7 onsite or remote monitoring of your end-to-end industrial laundry operations.

Reduce Washing Cycle by
Increase Staff Productivity by
Reduce Water Temperature by

How ClisteClean Solves Common Laundry Problems

Excessive Chemical Consumption
Solution: Precise Dosing Using IOT Technology
  • Reduce detergent costs with controlled doses
  • Obtain a rewash rate of less than 5%, reducing rework cost
  • Reduce time spent on supply chain management.
Inconsistent Laundry ResultsĀ 
Solution: 24/7 Monitoring and Adjustment
  • Minimise downtime with 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Cleaner results increase customer retention
  • Track metrics, improve business processes
Linen Damage Using Chemicals
Solution: Automatic Chemical Replenishment
  • ClisteClean keeps linen brighter, longer-lasting
  • Remove chlorine detergents, support Net-Zero ambitions
  • 90% less detergent packaging reduces waste pollution
High Energy Consumption
Solution: Water Temperature Alerts
  • Use less energy by reducing wash cycle times by up to 15%
  • Increase productivity up to 50% faster wash cycle times
  • Decrease energy reducing temperature by up to 50%

Why ClisteClean is Unique

Our solution gets consistently clean laundry results by using precise doses of ultra-concentrated biotechnology-based detergents that help you to eliminate costly rework and achieve your Net Zero targets faster.

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