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Ciste Clean: Smart Laundry Solution

How Cliste Clean Solves Common Laundry Problems

Excessive Chemical Consumption
Inconsistent Laundry Results 
Linen Damage Using Chemicals
High Energy Consumption

Benefits of Cliste Clean

Reduce Washing Cycle by
Reduce Water Temperature by
Increase Staff Productivity by

What to Expect?

Gary Delaney - 2024
Customer Expert
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Decade of Excellence, Tailored for You

Free Consultation

Your Journey Begins Here

Start with a No-Cost assessment to identify your specific hygiene needs for a single location or multiple sites.

Custom Site Survey & Proposal

Your Plan, Your Choice

Opt for a Physical or Remote Survey. We'll craft a personalized plan with budget-friendly options tailored to your business.

Effortless Solution Delivery

Seamless and Complimentary

Get ready for a smooth installation of top-notch Dispensers & Equipment – at no extra cost. Plus, get data sheets & training videos.

Flexible Ordering & Support

Tailored to Your Needs

Enjoy 24/7 online ordering & scheduled check-ins with our Customer Champions. Plus, exclusive discounts are just for you.

Your Benefits

Our Commitment to Excellence and Environment

Quality and Value

We exclusively source from internationally recognized sustainable manufacturers, ensuring our products offer the best 'cost in use' value and uphold the highest standards. Our focus is on delivering top-class, branded products that provide unmatched value and performance to our customers.

Imagine Slashing Staff Time by 20% & Usage by 30%!

Discover how Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) revolutionized its operations with Western Hygiene.

LIT - 2024

Fewer inspections, fewer refills, minimal wastage- Think one-sheet toilet and hand towel systems, custom foam soap dispensers over bulk.

It’s not just about saving money but upgrading to high-quality products and experiencing unparalleled customer service.

Are you ready to join?

When Sustainability Meets Efficiency

Transform Your Business with Eco-Friendly Solutions – Less Waste, More Impact

Our high-grade, non-toxic products are designed for reuse and recycling, reflecting our deep environmental commitment.

Sustainability Circular Economy - 2024

Beyond our eco-friendly range, our sales team operates remotely, reducing CO2 emissions and promoting a healthier world. Join us in making a tangible difference.

Fully Compliant and Environmentally Conscious

We Don't Just Dispose; We Recycle.

Our recycling efforts are comprehensive, from bottles to cardboard, engine oil to pallets, and various other materials. Even batteries and appliances find new life through our adherence to WEEE standards.

ISO 9001 - 2024
ISO 140001 - 2024
Waste Mangement - 2024
NQA ISO 45001 Logo - 2024

Investing in Our Community to Growth and Giving

Empowering Youth and Supporting Volunteers for a Brighter Tomorrow

Social Responsibility - 2024

We proudly sponsor charities and volunteer-run organizations, upholding the belief that those who give their time deserve the support of the corporate world. Join us in nurturing a community that cares, grows, and thrives together.

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