Hygiene Zones

We adopt a COLOUR CODED hygiene zone model, where we separate our  products across nine pillars.  Within each zone we have an expansive range of products and solutions specially formulated to meet the needs of our customers. Products are wide ranging and span all of your hygiene needs. Why not  browse the hygiene zones below and get an insight into the options available to you!



Western Hygiene offer a distinct range of automotive hygiene products, suited to commercial and individual customers alike. This particular product range originated as a direct
result of our own needs. 

The fleet of Western Hygiene delivery vehicles require ongoing cleaning and as a hygiene company, we wanted to source the best products for this purpose – ensuring fast, optimal and
hygienic results.

Why not take a look at what we use!



Germs thrive in places where people interact in close proximity. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see the transmission of bugs and contaminates amongst individuals within a classroom setting, leading to illness and absenteeism. 

As a hygiene zone, it can often be viewed as a complex area – albeit as a result of high footfall, poor hygiene practices amongst students, poor air circulation and much more. Western Hygiene are experienced in this sector and offer progressive and effective hygiene solutions to combat the ever-present challenge of staff and student safety and well-being. From our eco-friendly product range, to signage, training and services – Western Hygiene are there to partner and to help!



Floor care is a critical component in almost
every location, albeit carpet, wood, composite
or tile flooring. High footfall inevitably leads
to the smoothing of surfaces, accumulation
of dust, dirt, and other allergens. All of which
can contribute to safety issues, disrupting
workflow and building aesthetics.
The appearance of the floor is important, but
at Western Hygiene the topic of safety takes
precedence. Floors that have been worn down
or not properly tended to, can pose a serious
safety hazard. As experts in our field, we
understand what chemicals to use and when
to use them, engaging with our customers
on all facets of floorcare – from when a floor
should be waxed, stripped, frequency of
cleaning and much more!
Remember, floors have the potential to set
the tone for an individual upon entry into a
building – generating a sense of trust in the
facility, safety and ease!


Industrial -
Shop Floor

Hygiene has always been an important
component in the manufacturing
industry, albeit, operations, safety,
product development or employee health.
Western Hygiene acknowledge that to
uphold the safety/wellbeing of staff
and product integrity; manufacturers
must meet heightened levels of
hygiene standards. With the continuous
introduction of protocols, guidelines and
standards – this can be a burden
Western Hygiene are here to help! We
offer a specialist portfolio of service
solutions and products, suited to the
production floor which meet the highest
standards. We continuously update this
product range, so manufacturers can rest
assured that they are always in receipt
of the most advanced products, meeting
industry standards.



Kitchen/Catering is often the backbone of
an organisation albeit within healthcare,
hospitality, commercial or education
We know that the right hygiene products
may influence how many people a
kitchen/canteen/restaurant can serve.
Accordingly, we support our clients in
maintaining optimal performance and
hygiene, across all stations albeit warewashing,
hotplate, oven, food prep,
tabletop etc



One of the core competencies at
Western Hygiene is commercial laundry
operations, from requirement analysis to
implementation and quality assurance.
We tailor our services to customer specific
requirements and facilitate practical
To support this, we offer a variety of
innovative dispensing solutions, enzyme
detergents, general detergents and
softeners. Our products ensure optimal
cleaning efficiency, sustainability and cost
in use. Our highly accurate dispensing
systems enhance the reliability,
functionality and safety of your operation,
in addition to increasing the lifespan on all
materials including machines.



Western Hygiene is acutely aware that
offices are undergoing significant change
operationally, this change is focused on
limiting the spread of germs. Boardrooms
and Offices see individuals share spaces,
equipment and amenities. As a result,
workplace hygiene must take priority!
We believe that office hygiene is especially
important as it contributes to a healthy
workforce, and a healthy workplace
reduces sick leave, therefore increases
Western Hygiene can guide you through
a variety of actions that you can take, to
make your office safer and healthier.


Personal Care/

PPE stands for personal protective
equipment. PPE means any device or
appliance designed to be worn or held by an
individual for protection against one or more
health and safety hazards.
Western Hygiene know that PPE is the main
source of protection for a cross section of
workers – protecting the wearer from injury
or the spread of infection or illness. As a
result, we consider our PPE range to be
amongst the most important products we
stock. When our PPE products are used
properly, they act as a barrier between
infectious materials and the wearer’s skin,
mouth, nose, or eyes. This essential barrier
has the potential to block transmission of
contaminants from blood, bodily fluids, or
respiratory secretions.



Western Hygiene recognise that clean and
safe washroom facilities are vital for every
Our role is to help you maintain/develop
excellent washroom hygiene, through our
range of washroom products and hygienic
solutions. We believe, a high standard of
washroom hygiene is essential for the
wellbeing of staff, customers, patients,
children and service users alike.
Delivering on this, we offer complete
commercial hygiene and washroom
solutions, to meet your every


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