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Hygiene has never been more critical than it is today. 80% of people surveyed expect public washrooms to be safer and more hygienic than before COVID-191. Providing the right hygiene products in your washrooms is crucial to help guests feel safe and supported.

How can you ensure your guests feel safe?

Paper towels are recommended in hygiene-critical environments as they are the more hygienic way to dry hands2. Did you know that jet air dryers spread 10x more bacteria? Compared to paper hand towels, jet air dryers produce more airborne droplets, increasing the risk of bacteria spread3. Ensure your visitors feel safer by changing to Tork paper hand towel solutions. Tork paper hand towels are more hygienic, dispense faster, and have multiple uses. It is critical to help people feel safe and supported as they return to public spaces.

1 2021 Survey conducted by United Minds in cooperation with CINT in March 2021. The survey covered seven markets: China, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA with a total of 7,063 respondents (global average).
2 Huang, C Mayo Clinic, 2011
3Margas E. et al, J Applied Microbiol, 2013

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