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Enjoy complete peace of mind, with the hygiene experts

Choose a full-service, sustainable cleaning supplier that your social workers and patients can trust 

Are your infection control measures up to scratch?

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) are the single most deadly and costly adverse event for both public and private Healthcare establishments.  

Did you know?

  • HAIs cost the Irish Healthcare System approximately 233.75 million Euros each year 
  • HAIs directly cause 37,000 deaths across Europe, every year 
  • HAIs indirectly cause a further 110,000 deaths across Europe, every year 

At Western Hygiene, we understand the devastating impact that unhygienic infectants can have on your budget, and the lives of the people in your hospital.

Our expert advisors are on-hand to help you design a hygiene strategy that minimises risk of transmission, to protect your healthcare workers, patients and residents. 

Exceed hygiene standards with our Medical Cleaning Supplies

Western Hygiene are more than a cleaning supplier, we’re hygiene experts with 30+ years’ experience delivering cost-effective, compliance-driven solutions to leading businesses in Ireland’s healthcare sector. 
We specialise in helping healthcare institutions to reduce the overall cost of cleaning product implementation, with a hands-off, fully-integrated hygiene service built to accommodate the unique needs of your social workers, patients and surgeons.

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Trusted by Leading Healthcare Institutions

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One reliable hygiene expert for all your healthcare cleaning needs!

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide comprehensive, reliable cleaning solutions tailored to every healthcare discipline, including catering, laundry, restroom, kitchen and personnel hygiene. 

Our unrivalled industry knowledge is our clients’ most valuable asset. Our staff are fully trained in current industry best practices, government hygiene regulations, and COVID-19 protocol. All our products meet or surpass standards set by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. 


Supporting seamless operations with a fully-integrated hygiene service

  • Access to expert help

    Our in-house team of experts are always on-hand to help you with advice, guidance, problem-resolution and strategy, so you can focus on what matters – growing your business.

  • Get on-demand videos & VR

    Free videos and VR content to bring you up-to-speed with products and equipment. We’re committed to ensuring you get the best possible value from your Western hygiene cleaning package

  • Free Chemical Dispensers & Installation

    You don’t pay for dispensers, and we’ll install them free of charge. Our high-capacity chemical dispensers don’t need refilling as often as smaller models, and when they do, we’ll take care of it for you.

  • Automatic orders, so you never run out

    We can set up periodic standing orders based on your usage, so you don’t have to waste time and resources tracking your stock

Remove the roadblocks to your growth

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Continuous Supply of Products

All our products are manufactured within Europe. #supportlocal

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Reduce Labour Costs

We’ll take care of refills and installations, so your staff don’t need to spend time away from their duties

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Enjoy a carbon neutral profile

We’ve taken the time to create a green portfolio, so that you don’t have to

Join us in our mission to create a cleaner, greener planet

We’re keenly aware of our environmental responsibility, and every aspect of our business model reflects this. This includes eco-conscious waste management policies and an expansive green product range, made by recognised sustainable manufacturers like Pollet, Dr Weigert, Gojo, Prodifa, Thomil, Profesional, Tork and TTS. 

We keep our carbon footprint to a minimum by having a 100% remote sales team, which means fewer cars on the road, and a significant reduction in carbon emissions. Partnering with Western Hygiene makes it easy to fulfil your green obligations. 

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What our current clients say about us

Specialised Sterile Environments (SSE)
Specialised Sterile Environments (SSE)
Facilities Management
Read More
“Western Hygiene cannot improve in any area – they look after us exceptionally well!”- Sean McGlynn, General Manager
Blackrock Clinic
Blackrock Clinic
Read More
“We have been purchasing from Western Hygiene since 2014 and their products are used throughout the whole hospital. They are committed to strong customers services I would have no hesitation in recommending Western Hygiene”- James Leahy, Purchasing Manager
Read More
” Excellent products, Professional service team, Friendly Customer Service. “ - John Raftery, Owner
Cummer Transport
Cummer Transport
Read More
” I’m very happy with the excellent products and service that I’m getting “- John Collins, Owner
Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT)
Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT)
Read More
“Western Hygiene offer us cost effective solutions and high-quality products. And their customer service is excellent! ”- Diane White, Purchasing Manager
The Savoy Hotel, Limerick
The Savoy Hotel, Limerick
Read More
” Anytime we had an issue it would resolved immediately after care and customer care have been outstanding “- Aidan O’Gorman, Purchasing Manager

What happens when you partner with Western Hygiene?

A Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager will be Assigned to You.

Free Consultation

Our FREE consultation is the first step in determining what hygiene needs you have and what type of product/solution will work best for you. 


This initial consultation acts as a needs assessment and helps you to prioritise your requirements – whether for one site or multiple sites, across sectors. 

Site Survey / Proposal

You have the option to request a site survey (carried out by our staff). This affords you the opportunity to map products across your site(s), ensuring compliance with regulations and suitability. 

Thereafter, we will issue you with a financial proposal– this proposal will offer a minimum of 2 ‘packages’ in terms of price point, facilitating choice and budgetary option. 

Solution Delivery

Equipment – depending on the solution chosen, we will supply and install our Dispensers & Equipment FREE. 

Standard with product purchase 
o Data Sheets & Wallcharts 
o Employee Training Videos 
o Remote Advisory Service 

Ongoing support

Depending on the solution chosen, you will have access to 
various order fulfilment options: 

– Pay as you go, order online via our 24/7 client portal. 
– Customer Champions will contact you at a time agreed. 
– Managed Service: we take care of everything. 


You will also be able to access exclusive customer discounts! 

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Book a Free 30-minute call with our Specialist


Declan acts as your dedicated Customer Success Representative. Handpicked from our team, he brings over 25 years sectoral experience. His role is to be your guide and to always find the right product and solution to fit the demands of your business.

In this call we will: 

  • Talk about the problems you’re experiencing.
  • Strategies to overcome them.
  • Show you more examples of our work.
  • Tell you about our pricing.
  • Answer any questions you may have!

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