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Disposable Cloth

TTS® TNT Wet Disinfection Disposable Cloth- (10 Packs x 25 Cloths)

Disposable cloth for Wet Disinfection frame, cm 40 FEATURES MULTI-LAYER CLOTH: each cloth is designed to fulfil in the best way its specific function: GLIDING and COLLECTION for the external layers thanks to the special pierced texture; SOLUTION STORING for the internal ones; • FLOOR COVERAGE 20-25 m2: the development of the cloth has been studied to grant the proper cleaning of a patient room in order to ensure to operators to use one cloth for each room; • ZERO RISK OF CONTAMINATION: washing with disposable TNT cloths ensures a total control of the risk of cross


Product Content

Introducing the TTS® TNT Wet Disinfection Disposable Cloth- (10 Packs x 25 Cloths)

Experience the ultimate convenience and hygiene in wet disinfection with TTS® TNT Wet Disinfection Disposable Cloth. Specifically designed for wet disinfection frames, each pack contains 25 cloths that are perfect for ensuring a clean and safe environment in medical facilities, offices, and homes.

Benefit 1: Multi-Layer Cloth for Optimal Performance

  • Gliding and Collection: The external layers of the cloth feature a special pierced texture that ensures smooth gliding and efficient collection of dirt and debris.
  • Solution Storing: The internal layers of the cloth are engineered to store and release the cleaning solution for optimal wet disinfection.

Benefit 2: Generous Floor Coverage

  • 20-25 m2 Coverage: Each cloth is designed to provide proper cleaning for a patient room or similar-sized area, enabling operators to use one cloth per room for maximum efficiency.

Benefit 3: Zero Risk of Contamination

  • Disposable Design: TTS® TNT cloths eliminate the risk of cross-contamination by ensuring that each cloth is used only once and then discarded, maintaining the highest level of cleanliness and safety.

Benefit 4: Convenient and Easy-to-Use

  • Ready for Immediate Use: The cloths come pre-packed and are ready to use with your wet disinfection frame, saving you time and effort.
  • Simple Disposal: After use, simply discard the cloth, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment with minimal effort.

Benefit 5: Versatile Applications

  • Wide Range of Uses: TTS® TNT Wet Disinfection Disposable Cloths are perfect for medical facilities, offices, and homes, providing a reliable and efficient cleaning solution for various environments.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros:
    • Multi-layer design for optimal performance
    • Generous floor coverage
    • Eliminates the risk of cross-contamination
    • Convenient and easy-to-use
    • Versatile applications
  • Cons:
    • Single-use design may contribute to waste
What Customers Get When They Purchase
  • 10 Packs x 25 Cloths: Each purchase includes 10 packs of TTS® TNT Wet Disinfection Disposable Cloths, with each pack containing 25 cloths for a total of 250 cloths.
  • Peace of Mind: With TTS® TNT cloths, customers can enjoy a clean and safe environment, knowing that they are minimizing the risk of contamination in their space.
  • Efficient Cleaning Solution: These disposable cloths provide a hassle-free and effective way to maintain a clean and sanitary environment in various
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