Ditch the chemicals. Switch to biotech. And help save the planet

Want a cleaner business with a clearer conscience?

Our Mission

Western Hygiene offers biotechnological, recyclable, and biodegradable products. We collaborate with sustainability-focused suppliers for superior, eco-friendly cleaning results.

Our mission: eliminate harmful chemical products.

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Choose your Biotech Product

Let’s make your business greener together

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Be carbon neutral with sustainable earth-friendly products

Same deep clean. With greener credentials

Save time and money

Dilute at higher ratios and lower temperatures to reduce overhead costs.

Improve cleaning performance

Active plant extracts and enzymes clean areas chemical cleaners can’t reach.

Residual cleaning

Microbes produce enzymes that fight bacteria long after you’ve packed the cleaning supplies away.

Increase health benefits

Naturally derived non-toxic, non-hazardous ingredients are kinder to staff, customers, and nature.

How our products help your business

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  • Increase revenue with more effective products that cut labour time and costs 
  • Reduce damage and replacement expenses with less abrasive ingredients  
  • Improve staff health by removing VOC emissions, fumes, and odours 
  • Increase workplace safety by eradicating injuries from chemical spills 
  • Reduce waste to landfill with biodegradable products and packaging 
  • Boost customer loyalty by showing social and environmental responsibility  

Worried you won’t get a deep clean using eco-friendly products?

Watch this short video to learn more about biotechnology’s advanced cleaning performance. 

Be part of the Solution. Join the circular economy today

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