Tork Ind Cleaning Cloth Combi Roll Grey



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• Grey cloth (in Combi box)
• Quality grade: 1 ply
• Sheet dimensions: Width 320mm x Length 380mm = 390 sheets per case
• Roll length 148.2 metres
• Compatible with W1 (Wipers wall/floor/standard system), W2 (Wipers combi roll system) & W3 (Wiper pak system)

• The Tork Industrial Cleaning Cloth is a perfect alternative to Rags or Rental cloths.
• Its softness and flexibility allows cleaning tight spaces and intricate components without scratching the surface, yet it is tough enough to mop up oil, grease and dirt, while usable with most solvents.
• It fits in the Tork Floor or Wall Stand dispensers, developed for safety and efficiency, and the Tork Maxi Centre-feed or Boxed Combi Roll Dispenser, designed for single-hand dispensing.

• exelCLEAN™ technology – for a quicker professional cleaning result
• Strong texture for excellent oil and water absorption
• Meets your cleaning needs due to its suitability with most solvents and detergents
• The silicone-free cloth ensures that there are no residues on a surface


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