STOC - EchoClean Neutral Pomme 4 x 5 L



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General-use deodorizing cleaner for fragile floors and surfaces. Food contact approved.

• Biodegradable product (CE 648/2004)
• Packaging 100% recyclable



Deodorizing multi-purpose cleaner

• Fresh apple fragrance

• Convenient for fragile surfaces

• Color code remains visible after dilution

• Non allergenic

• Under the Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL – EU, FR, BE)




Apply in scrubber-dryer, in bucket or with spray to clean any type of surface or coating (enamelled tiling, painted, laminated or thermoplastic surfaces, computer equipment, …).




• In general: 1 to 5% (50-250ml per 5 litres of water)

• Light and economical cleaning: 1% (50ml per 5 litres of water)

• Thorough cleaning and deodorization: 2 to 5% (100 to 250ml per 5 litres of water)




• Color: green

• Fragrance: apple

• Pure pH: 7 ± 0.5

• pH in solution of 1%: neutral




Keep the product in its original closed packaging. Protect against freezing temperatures.


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