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Echoclean Indoors is ideal for the cleaning and maintenance of all surface and fl oor types, including natural stones. Eliminates stains on laminated surfaces, washable and enamelled paint, telephones, screens, furniture, switches… Food contact approved.

• Biodegradable product (CE 648/2004)
• Packaging 100% recyclable



Concentrated alcohol-based interior cleaner

• For surfaces, floors and windows

• Does not leave any trace

• Fruity fragrance

• Non allergenic

• Under the Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL – EU, FR, BE)




Cleaning with bucket: 1%. Clean floors with the double bucket method. Clean the surfaces with a well-dried microfiber. Allow to dry.

In spray: 5%. Spray on the microfiber and clean the surfaces. Allow to dry.




• In bucket: 1%

• In spray: 5%




• Color: blue

• Fragrance: fruity

• Pure pH: 7,0 ± 0,5

• pH in solution 1%: neutral




Keep the product in its original closed packaging. Protect against freezing temperatures.


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