neodisher Alka 240 1x12Kg



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•Intensive detergent for automatic dishwasher dosing.

•For the cleaning of dishes, glasses, cutlery, trays and working utensils in professional dishwashers.
•Removes all kinds of food residues including dried-on starch and protein deposits.
•Suitable for cleaning items with slightly dried-on coffee and tea residues
•Especially suitable for use with soft to medium hard water.
•Suitable for glass, porcelain, stainless steel and alkali-compatible synthetic materials.
•Not suitable for aluminium.
•The special phosphate-free and active chlorinefree formula enables excellent dispersion of food residues and removal of residues of tanning agents.
•For best results use with neodisher GL rinse aid.
•For dosing options, contact 1850 505555


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