PolGreen OdorLine Indoors (6*1L)- Eco Stain Remover

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Short Description

Perfumed ecological cleaner for all surfaces
• Product without risk label
• The strongest fragrance compared to any other eco cleaner
• Visible color coding, even after dilution
• Under the Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL – EU, FR, BE)
• Limited in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
• Food contact approved


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Concentrated, strongly scented, Eco-labelled and unclassified cleaner for the daily maintenance of every kind of surface and of any kind of hard or thermoplastic floor. Leaves a very fresh and pleasant flowery scent. Food contact approved.


• Particularly appropriate for the elimination of stains (ink spots and others) on modern surfaces, desktops, laminated surfaces, washable and enamelled paint, telephones, screens, finger marks on doors, the points of contact (door handles, switches).
– Impregnate the surface to be cleaned
– Wipe with a well-dried microfibre with clear water
– Leave to dry
• For switches, one is advised to apply the product on paper or microfiber for safety reasons.
• Floors: work with a double press bucket or with a scrubber-dryer or single-brush machine. A simple passage with a well-wrung cloth is enough to evacuate the solution leftovers.


• Cleaning (bucket or scrubber/dryer): 0,6% (3 doses of 20ml/10L)
• Spray application (persistent stains): 3% (1 dose of 20ml/650ml spray)


• Perfume: flowery
• Color: blue
• Pure pH: 7 ± 0,5
• pH in solution of 0,6%: neutral
• Does not alter in any way protective treatments regardless of the application method.


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