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Christmas kindness.

As you know Western Hygiene has always had a strong focus on business and social responsibility. We endeavour to sponsor charities and organisations that are run on a voluntary basis, as we believe it is very important that people who volunteer their time are supported by corporate sector where possible.

🎅 ❤️ 🎄 However, now It's not time for too many words, but rather time for action, or should I say - time for good deeds?! Time to show care and support to those who might not be in the happiest place this Christmas. Time to share, give and smile more.😊 ❤️ 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 We'd really like to think with our overall input we make some lives better, safer, warmer, especially coming to the most wonderful time of the year. May your loved ones be happy and healthy this Christmas! May more miracles come true! 🎅 ❤️ 🎄

 This year we made donations to the number of charities, some of them are listed below:

  • Cancer Care
  • Chernobyl Trust
  • Down Syndrome Ireland   
  • MS Ireland
  • RNLI
  • Simon
  • St Vincent De Paul
  • Western Alzheimer’s.


Customer Notification – Pre-Christmas Delivery Dates & Christmas Opening Hours 2020.

 Dear Customers,

Please note and pass on to all relevant people in your business to prevent any disruption over Christmas period:


  • The advised order date and time for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery: lunch time Tuesday 22nd December 2020 for all standard deliveries.
  • Any Dispenser Installations and or Technical Support Requests need to be submitted by close of business Wednesday the 16th December for consideration.
  • Installation and Service requests that can or cannot be completed before Christmas will be confirmed to everyone by close of business Thursday the 17th

The business will be closed from Wednesday 23rd 5.30pm December 2020 returning Monday 4th of January 2021.

For any queries, please contact your local representative or the Customer Services team in the lo-call 1850 50 55 55.


Safety Concerns on Sanitizer forced some school to close.

Some schools were forced to close today after a hand sanitiser was withdrawn because of safety concerns.

The Department of Agriculture has issued a product recall notice for the Virapro anti-bacterial gel,

Schools were only told late last night although approval for the product was withdrawn on Tuesday.

The late notice meant that schools relying on the product had no alternative but to tell parents not to sent children to school on the last day before the mid-term break.

Read the full article  


How To Choose an Effective Disinfectant Gel against the Coronavirus

Below is an abstract from a newsletter from our chemical supplier Thomil Profesional.

Against the strong demand for hands sanitizing and hydroalcoholic gels, a multitude of “false disinfectants” have appeared on the market, that do not complete with the standers required and marketed as “Effective against the Coronavirus”.

Before acquire one of those products, we have to be sure that the label include the following data:

1.  It’s very important to figure the register number awarded by sanitary authorities. That means that the gel has passed the evaluation process from a health point.

2. In addition, the UNE-EN 14476 standard must appear on the packaging, which certifies its viricidal efficacy. If you don't locate it, the gel is likely to be bactericidal but not have enough characteristics to eradicate the virus.

3. In their composition, it must have at least a 70% of alcohol.

 Completing these requirements, the disinfection of your hands is Secure, in addition to count on a legal product, with all the guarantees of EFFECTIVNESS.

 In summary, we must avoid those hydroalcoholic gels that are not endorsed by the Health Authorities and do not show viricidal activity.
Following the recommendations given above we recommend the use of Bacteromil Gel, a Thomil products thta has all the guarantees for the complete and safe disinfection of hands. it complies with the UNE-EN-1500 (Antiseptic by friction), UNE-EN-13624 (Levuricide) and UNE-EN-14476 (Virucide) standards, being effective against Coronavirus. Irish PCS number is 100475.
Prevention is the best solution int he fight for COVID-19!

Click here to buy the product.


Western Hygiene COVID-19 Delivery protocol

COVID-19 protocols for deliveries

 Western Hygiene is an essential supplier and remained opened throughout all the COVID-19 restrictions.

 Western Hygiene continue to observe all COVID-19 protocols by:

Social Distancing

Use of PPE

Hand Hygiene

Touchless Delivery

 Should you have any queries on this or anything related to COVID-19 we ask that you please contact our Company Representative.

(Signed by) Martin Collins

Logistic and Services Manager

Download the letter in PDF


Western Hygiene Coronavirus Business Continuity Plan.

 Download the letter in PDF


Price increase letter from Bunzl Ireland

Download the letter in PDF


Return to Work Safely Protocol

Published: 9 May 2020
From: Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation

The Return to Work Safely Protocol is designed to support employers and workers to put measures in place that will prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace when the economy begins to slowly open up, following the temporary closure of most businesses during the worst phase of the current pandemic.

The Protocol should be used by all workplaces to adapt their workplace procedures and practices to comply fully with the COVID-19 related public health protection measures identified as necessary by the HSE.

It sets out in very clear terms for employers and workers the steps that they must take before a workplace reopens, and while it continues to operate. A high-level consultative stakeholder forum, under the aegis of the Labour Employer Economic Forum will be established.

This forum will include membership from the various bodies with responsibility for health and safety at work and for public health more generally. The forum will allow for ongoing engagement at national level on implementation issues in light of evolving public health advice and other factors.

The Return to Work Safely Protocol, is the result of a collaborative effort by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA), the Health Services Executive (HSE) and the Department of Health and the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation.

Click to Download the Return to Work Safely Protocol.


Western Hygiene update on FAQ about Covid-19

What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
    • It is important to understand that very few products (if any) have likely been tested on Covid-19 so far because it is still difficult to do this kind of efficacy testing with so little information available on Covid-19. It would not be uncommon for it to take up to 12 months to conduct clinical trials for the effectiveness of disinfectants against a pathogens, costing hundreds of thousands of euros
    • Coronavirusesare RNA enveloped viruses than can infect animals and humans. So far, there are six known human coronaviruses. Four of these coronaviruses are less pathogenic, generally causing only minor respiratory symptoms like the common cold. Two other coronaviruses — Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (SARS CoV) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS CoV) — can cause serious respiratory diseases. 
    • A new strain of Coronavirus (COVID-19)has emerged and is causing illnesses globally. It is different from the other coronavirusesTo date, the virus has infected over 1.5 million people around the world, with almost 200,000 deaths.
    • Enveloped viruses are the least resistant to inactivation by disinfection. The structure of these viruses includes a lipid envelope, which is easily compromised by most disinfectants. Once the lipid envelope is damaged, the integrity of the virus is compromised, thereby neutralizing its infectivity.
    • Generally speaking, enveloped viruses are easier to kill than non-enveloped viruses.
    • As with any communicable disease, it is recommended to focus on proper hand hygiene and disinfection of high-touchpoint areas including railings, doorknobs and handles and restroom surfaces. Technology devices would also be seen as highly infectious touch points.


    Here are the most common active ingredients in these EPA-registered disinfectants:

    • Isopropanol or Ethanol (Alcohol) are effective disinfectants when used at a high enough concentration. Most cleaning products that contain alcohol have at least a 70% solution, and hand sanitizers should contain at least 60% alcohol to be effective. They become less effective over time because the alcohol will evaporate. 
    • Quaternary Ammonium Compounds are widely used as surface disinfectants and can be found in many household cleaners including disinfectant wipes and sprays. Research has shown quaternary ammonium compounds to effectively kill most bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
    • Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach). The active ingredient in bleach is sodium hypochlorite, which can kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Bleach can be used on frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs and countertops but it must air dry for at least 10 minutes before wiping to effectively kill pathogens. Because bleach can irritate the skin, you should wear gloves when using it.
    • Hydrogen Peroxide is not as strong as bleach but does have disinfectant properties that effectively kill viruses and bacteria. A 2018 study published in Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control found that hydrogen peroxide was more effective in killing some forms of bacteria than quaternary ammonium compounds. The typical 3% hydrogen peroxide concentration found in stores can be used as a disinfectant. 


    Disinfecting and Protecting yourself against Covid-19

    Thomil Profesional (our detergent manufacturer) say their sanitizers: - Bacter Quat; Thomilmagic No3; Degrass D-40 Bac are Quaternary Ammonium Compound based disinfectants.

    Like all or most other disinfectants, they have not yet been tested in clinical trials against Covid-19.

    Thomil Profesional are currently testing them but they do not envisage having these tests completed before the end of 2020.

    However, as these sanitizers: - Bacter Quat; Thomilmagic No3; Degrass D-40 Bac; main disinfectant ingredient is Quaternary Ammonium Compound which is deemed to be effective against Covid-19, therefore it is relatively safe to assume that any of these sanitizers will kill the Covid-19 virus on surfaces.


Hand hygiene update.

How to optimise your Hand Hygiene?🤲🚰🧴
And why more doesn't always mean better. Good hand hygiene advise from our partners.

#staysafe #stayhome #washyourhands #handhygiene

Download PDF poster


Time to turn off the hand dryers to stop the spread of coronavirus!

A senior doctor has written to England's chief medical officer Chris Whitty to raise her "grave concern" that electric hand dryers in toilets could increase the risk of transmission of coronavirus.
Charlotte Fowler, a consultant radiologist, raised the risk of an increased spread if a person had not washed their hands thoroughly. © Sky News
Read more following the link below.


To avail of our hygiene expertise or order (much better way of drying hands) hand towels, contact us on 1850 50 55 55 or customerservices@westernhygiene.ie
#hygiene #handhygiene #personalcare #washyourhands #staysafe


Western Hygiene COVID-19 Update 

Covid-19 notice:

Western Hygiene Supplies Ltd is classified as an Essential Service provider therefore it will remain open to serve its customers during these difficult times.

 Supply Chain:

We have experienced some supply chain issues from our manufacturing partners on certain products but we are working hard with them to ensure that there is minimum disruption in our supplies to you.

Should you have any queries at this time please do not hesitate to contact your local Representative or alternatively call or email us on 1850 50 5555 | customerservice@westernhygiene.ie.

Take care and be safe.


Coronavirus COVID-19 information & advice.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has updated the risk level related to the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak to high. There are more than 50 countries worldwide with confirmed cases of COVID-19, indicating possible person-to-person transmission. People of all ages can be affected by the virus, though older people and people with pre-existing conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease) appear to be more susceptible to the disease.

World Health Organisation (WHO) is advising that frequent hand washing with soap and water is effective at reducing the spread of coronavirus.

Our supplier and partner Gojo has developed a guide for your staff and customers with more information about COVID-19, and what to do to minimise the risk of infection. 

Download PDF


Black Friday Specials!

💰💰💰Surely we couldn't just stay away from this whole Black Friday madness!💰💰💰
Going all in: ✂️ HALF PRICE on Detergent cleansing wipes👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ (for medical environment) and Tork White Lunch napkins .👨‍🍳👩‍🍳
SHOP ONLINE today at www.westernhygiene.ie📱💻
Look up for codes SN85NG for wipes and 477149 for napkins! 😎


P.S. Why use the detergent cleansing  wipes in medical environment?

Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections.
According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Healthcare-Associated Infections, commonly referred to as HAIs, occur in approximately 1 in 31 hospital patients. To prevent HAIs, having hospital cleaning staff use disposable wet wipes 100% of the time can be a huge help. Not only will this benefit the hospital’s hygiene and help prevent HAIs, but it can also help improve the cleaning staff’s performance.

Wipe Away Unnecessary Laundering Costs
Between cleaning staff using rags to clean a healthcare facility and other hospital staff needing to clean areas around patients throughout the day, the need to launder reusable washcloths and rags can cost a pretty penny. With disposable wiping materials, there is no need to have them laundered, so money will not have to be wasted on a laundry service. So stop wasting money on getting reusable washcloths laundered and start using disposable wipes and washcloths!  © 


Exploring new products.

Great day yesterday visiting one of our suppliers 🚗💼
Always exploring new product ranges 👩‍💼 and gathering new ideas ✍️👩‍💻so we can help our customers keep their business successful and sustainable on a daily basis 💯
P. S. Innovation in compostable packaging to come on board soon.🍃🍃🍃 

Please follow us on social media for more photos, news, company updates and special offers.

#packaging #recycling #compostablepackaging #ecofriendly


Customer Notification – Pre-Christmas Delivery Dates & Christmas Opening Hours 2019.

 Dear Customers,

Please note and pass on to all relevant people in your business to prevent any disruption over Christmas period:


  • The advised order date and time for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery: close of business Thursday 19thDecember 2019 for all standard deliveries.
  • Any Dispenser Installations and or Technical Support Requests need to be submitted by close of business Monday the 16th December for consideration.
  • Installation and Service requests that can or cannot be completed before Christmas will be confirmed to everyone by close of business Tuesday the 17th

The business will be closed from Monday 23rd 5.30pm December 2019 returning Thursday 2nd of January 2020.

For any queries, please contact your local representative or the Customer Services team in the lo-call 1850 50 55 55.


New research with disturbing (yet not surprising) outcome: deadly bacteria in bulk-soap dispensers.

A lot has been said on the danger and harm of the bulk fill soap dispensers already. Even more on their very questionable cleaning results: although their purpose is the good hand hygiene, the mechanism is faulty in providing what they're made for. Yet too many people still use them, preferring what seems to be cheaper (is it really?) option and neglecting their own and their' customers' safety (surely your own health should be worth more than few saved pennies?) 

The European Cleaning Journal (April/May 2019 edition) published this new research from University of Arizona with very disturbing findings: not only the bulk soap isn't hygienic, it might cause serious DEADLY deceases. You still doubting to invest into good safe dispensing systems? Here's the article from ECJ. 

"Tests carried out at the University of Arizona have suggested that soap dispensers could be harbouring potentially dangerous bacteria.

Germ specialist Dr Charles Gerba analysed soap dispensers in 296 food establishments across Arizona, Ohio and New Jersey. And he discovered that 15 per cent tested positive for harmful bacteria including E. coli and salmonella.

Also found in the dispensers was klebsiella oxytoca, a superbug that attacks the skin and flesh and can even be deadly. The bug also causes fevers,coughs,chills,pneumonia and flu-like symptoms. 

"Liquid soap can become contaminated with bacteria and poses a recognised health risk in healthcare settings," states Gerba in his report. "In particular, bulk-soap dispensers are prone to bacterial contamination, and several outbreaks linked to the use of contaminated soap in healthcare settings have been reported."

He says the US-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises people not to add soap to a partially empty soap dispenser. "This practice of 'topping off' dispensers can lead to the bacterial contamination of soap he said. "Sealed soap dispensing systems, in contrast, are typically refilled by inserting into the dispenser a new bag or cartridge of soap that usually includes a new nozzle."

However, he adds the public risk to health associated with contaminated bulk-soap dispensers remains unclear. "It would be very difficult if not impossible to trace the source of a community-acquired infection back to contaminated soap in a public restroom," he said. "Therefore a greater understanding of the potential for bacteria from contaminated soap to remain on the hands and to be transferred to secondary surfaces after washing with contaminated soap is needed." © European Cleaning Journal

The good news?! We, as your hygiene expert, know all about the safe alternative - sealed soap dispensing systems!

If your health and safety is important to you, if you would like to see your customers/ visitors/ students/ pupils/ patients safe, if you want to enhance the positive experience of visiting your premises by not only providing the best hand hygiene, but also neat and modern look of the washrooms, call us today at 1850 50 55 55, talk to our sales representatives on the ground, visit our website - and we'll get you all upgraded with best hygiene products and systems available on the market!


Price Increase Letter from Western Hygiene: a 3% increase effective from 1st July 2019.

Download letter in PDF


Price Increase Letters from Our Suppliers.

Barcorand Ltd.

Download the letter in PDF

Bunzl Ireland Ltd.

Download the letter in PDF


Download letter in PDF


Download letter in PDF

Dr. Weigert

Download letter in PDF

Essity (Tork)

Download letter in PDF

Thomil Profesional

Download letter in PDF

Removal of paper wrap reduces waste.

We received a letter of communication today with some sustainability news from our supplier Essity on several of our core products. As a hygiene company we care much about our environment and therefore are fully accredited with ISO 14001 on Environment Standard, so getting news on reducing paper usage gets us really excited and wanting to share with everyone! :-) 

"From May 2019, all Tork Matic® Hand Towel Roll (H1) and Tork Mid-Size Toilet Roll (T6) refills in Advanced and Universal qualities will be produced without paper wrap around each roll.

Removing this outer wrap band will enable the reduction of packaging waste by over 300 tons, the equivalent of over 40 full-grown elephants, and contributes toward our Essity and Tork sustainability ambition of "More from Less". In addition, this will help support the waste reduction targets which are a priority for many of our customers.

This change in no way affects performance of the product and will in fact make the loading process more efficient and quicker with one less step required, and no waste to dispose of.

The paper wrap currently incorporates loading instructions. These will be improved visually and moved to the case packaging, while instructions are already present on the inside of the dispenser."

For a list of articles affected or any questions, please contact our customer service or sales representative.


Best Hygiene Solutions Provider 2019!

🏆🏆🏆 And so it happened again - we were prize winners at the National Retail Supplier Awards 2019 held by Checkout Ireland Magazine this Monday 8th April 2019! This time proudly taking home "Best Hygiene Solutions Provider" - new category, same great results!! 🏆🏆🏆 This is our 3rd win in 4 years and we're very proud to receive recognition for meeting the highest standards in the Hygiene sector.
Representing the company Emma Conneely and Terry Costello
#NRSA19 #winner #westernhygiene



The 5-step guide to run an efficient kitchen*.

As said by Alan Kinsella, kitchen optimisation expert, when talking about his “C.H.E.F.S” guide for better flow and efficiency using his 30 years of experience in the restaurant and hotel business.

Step 1. C - Control.

Assess the situation. Make sure that we have the right leaders in place. Make sure that we have the right chefs in place. Make sure we’re working with the right environment. Make sure we know what our product is and who our client is.

Step 2. H - Hygiene.

Make sure that the hygiene is at the highest level.We have to make sure that the environment is clean from top to bottom. We have to make sure that the safety of the kitchen is paramount. We have to make sure that the chefs are clean and following guidelines. We have to make sure that the produce we use is at the highest level.

Step 3. E - Engineering.

We have to make sure that we have the right menus in place. We have to make sure that we have the right planning and the right structure for the kitchen so that leads to an efficient kitchen.

Step 4. F - Finance.

We have to make sure that we control the finance. And the finance relates to making sure we have the right costs we have the right productivity per working hour, because at the end of the day time always equates to money.

Step 5. S - Systems.

We make sure we give our right managers in the right place a proper system to work. We make sure they follow the guidelines, we make sure that they follow the other 4 steps so we end up having a very efficient kitchen.

To watch Alan's video on 5 steps and for more videos and info posts, please visit our social media pages.


Tork Reflex™ is even better than before.

Major upgrades the the Tork Reflex™ paper dispenser are set to provide a huge boost for kitchen cleaning efficiency. New features of the Tork Reflex dispenser include a rotating nozzle which allows the user to quickly tear off a length of paper in one fluid motion and from any angle. This is highly effective at speeding up access to paper which makes cleaning both fast and more efficient whilst the single-sheet dispenser can still help you  achieve consumption reduction for up to 37%, reducing costs, and also presenting a major sustainability benefit.

before launching the improved Tork Reflex dispenser, Essity launched a "kitchen flow experiment" to pinpoint those areas where logjams were likely to occur and highlight the efficiencies that can be made by installing paper products in the right places "Establishing a good kitchen flow is vital for chefs if they are to be able to produce high quality dishes both swiftly and efficiently", said Liam Smith. "Being 'in the flow' allows them to work together effectively and seamlessly to serve up food. It also enables chefs to glide through the kitchen with ease, encountering the equipment they need when and where they need it." ©

Contact us today and we'll send in our sales representative who will provide you with all required information, find an appropriate product to suit your individual needs, show you the kitchen flow experiment film so you can learn more about how Tork Reflex™ products enable efficiency with the help of better hygiene planning. We will demonstrate new portable version that'll help you in front of the house. We might also provide a FREE TRIAL with a new dispenser Free-on-loan. Our service personnel is highly trained and will kit out your kitchen with new equipment in no time, you'd hardly notice we were there! :) 


Our Price Increase

Dear Customers,                

Western Hygiene in its 30th year of trading wish to sincerely thank you our customers for your business and support over the years, it has been our honour and privilege to serve you over that time and we very much appreciate the loyalty you have afforded us.

Today Western Hygiene employs 33 people nationwide and are Strategic Partners for Essity Ireland Ltd formerly SCA Hygiene Products UK Ltd and distribute their Tork Brand of Hygiene and Tissue products which incidentally makes up 75% of our sales turnover.

Over the past two years in particular we have been in negotiations with Essity Ireland Ltd and indeed other suppliers due to continued volatility and ongoing price pressures in the hygiene market.

Market price pressure:

Over these two years and right up to this present day we have witnessed huge price pressure in Virgin Pulp and Recovered Fibre along with increases in Energy and Transportation costs. This led to a major EU tissue manufacturer having to make 8,000 employees redundant and the closure of 5 of their manufacturing facilities. Another EU tissue manufacturer reported that their raw material costs have increased 30% in the past year alone and it is because of all of this price pressure that I am writing to you today.

 Managing price pressure: 

2017 July 1st Western Hygiene were able to avoid passing Essity Ireland Ltd’s proposed 4.4% price increase in to the market by working in partnership with them where we found efficiencies in our supply chain, and by ordering more strategically in full container consignments from the EU & UK.

2018 June 1st Western Hygiene are able to avoid passing Essity Ireland Ltd’s Full 6.5% price increase in to the market, we did this again by working in partnership with them where we found further efficiencies in our supply chain, and by ordering strategically in full container consignments but direct from their Paper Mills in the EU & UK and this has helped us negotiate a reduction in Essity Ireland Ltd’s proposed 6.5% price increase.

Therefore we now need to give you prior notice that with effect from the 1st June 2018 Western Hygiene will increase its prices by 3.5%

For transparency we have posted all manufacturer price increase notifications on www.westernhygiene.ie

Should you have any queries on this please contact our sales representative for your area.

You can download the official letter in PDF format here.


Essity Price Increase as of June 1st 2018

Download letter in PDF format here.


SCA (Essity) price increase as of July 1st 2017


Download letter in PDF format here.



Product changes in Tork Liquid Soap and Tork Alcohol Gel Sanitiser.

420810 - New name, same great formula

Tork Extra Hygiene Liquid Soap is now Tork Hand Washing Liquid Soap.

The Tork Extra Hygiene Liquid Soap has been a very popular cosmetic soap. However, as statutory regulations develop further, we recognise the need to refine its name and descriptions to be compliant in all our markets. The new name will be Tork Hand Washing Liquid Soap, representing a formulation that encourages good hand hygiene behaviour where frequent hand washing is required.

Please note, there is no change to the product code, formulation, format or pricing so you will continue to receive the product that you already know, but with new packaging from April 2018.

The updated safety data sheet can be found here.

Tork Alcohol Gel Sanitiser

We will be consolidating our range of Tork Alcohol Gel Sanitiser into one article 420103, thereby discontinuing 420101. The 420103 Tork Alcohol Gel Sanitiser provides:

  • Improved efficacy against a wide variety of microorganisms meeting the most stringent EU efficacy norms
  • Caring and moisturising ingredients that care even for frequently sanitised hands without sticky residues
  • Available in different formats for use in a hygienically sealed dispenser bottle or for flexible use in freestanding- or portable bottles
  • Fully compliant with more stringent regulatory requirements


Click Here to view product changes



Paramount Hyclene acquisition announcement

Today, on this nice spring morning Western Hygiene is pleased to announce its acquisition of Paramount Hyclene Ltd, Bray, Co. Wicklow.

Paramount Hyclene Ltd focuses on selling Chemical products to high-end restaurants and establishments in the D2 area of Dublin and throughout Leinster.

This acquisition is part of our ongoing strategy of geographical expansion so we become a stronger national player in this tough hygiene and service market.

We will begin greeting Paramount Hyclene customers to our family on the 2nd of April next and our aim is to give them the warmest of welcomes and introduce them to Western Hygiene’s philosophy of being the very best in the Hygiene and Services Sector by continuing to do what we believe is best for our brand, our culture, and our business.

You will have read the positive feedback from our existing customers in our NPS surveys on every aspect of our day-to-day operations and their feedback reassures us that we are doing the right things to make our customers successful. We hope to provide nothing less to Paramount Hyclene’s customers!

Our company has its path set in a positive direction and with this new acquisition we appreciate your continued cooperation as we continue to work hard through these challenging times.  

We are currently working with Anthony FitzGerald of Paramount Hyclene on a roll-out plan and we will keep you informed through other communication updates and your line managers over the coming weeks.

Thanking you, WH


Disruption to normal service

Dear Customers

Due to Met Éireann’s current status Red weather warning Western Hygiene is unable guarantee normal delivery and service levels to its customers for tomorrow Thursday and Friday.

We will endeavour to keep any disruption to a minimum and we will dispatch all deliveries as soon as Met Éireann lift their warning.

For further updates please check our website or speak to your company representative.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Warmest regards

Martin Collins

Logistics Manager


Product Update: GOJO® Tough Soils Portfolio.

Dear Customers,

Below is the letter of communication we've received from our supplier upon their product portfolio change. Please read carefully and contact us if any questions or further queries. 

"GOJO are pleased to inform you that we are introducing a new product formulation into our tough soils portfolio.

 GOJO Natural Scrub Hand Cleaner

 This new formulation brings to market a high quality, natural skin cleaning solution formulated with sustainability in mind. Ecolabel certified and enriched with plant based moisturising glycerin, the GOJO Natural Scrub offers a gentle yet effective way of removing a broad spectrum of industrial soils.

 This will dispense through the existing GOJO PRO™ TDX™ 2000ml & 5000ml Dispensers and will be available to order within the coming days.

 The new formulation will continue to be complemented by the GOJO SUPRO MAX™ Hand Cleaner, already available in our current portfolio.

 The above, combined with our existing PURELL® Hand Sanitisers and GOJO HAND MEDIC® Professional Skin Conditioner offer a complete solution for hand hygiene within tough soils environments.

Following the link below this text is the technical information sheet for the new GOJO Natural Scrub Hand Cleaner for your reference.


 These portfolio updates mean that the following product formulations (refills and bottles) are being discontinued with immediate effect:

  • GOJO MULTI GREEN® Hand Cleaner
  • GOJO NATURAL* ORANGE™ Pumice Hand Cleaner
  • GOJO POWER GOLD® Hand Cleaner

 Please note that existing business using the above three formulations can transition to the new products as shown below:

 GOJO MULTI GREEN Hand Cleaner                                                                   GOJO Natural Scrub Hand Cleaner



GOJO POWER GOLD Hand Cleaner                                                                   GOJO Natural Scrub Hand Cleaner                                                                                                                                                                            GOJO SUPRO MAX Hand Cleaner (only available in                                                                                                                                                 2000ml refill)                                                                           

In addition to the above, there are three further formulations that are now discontinued as listed below:

  • GOJO ECO SOY™ Foaming Hand Cleaner
  • GOJO Lemon Pumice Hand Cleaner
  • GOJO Professional Paint & Body Shop Cleaner

 Please share this information within your organisation to ensure the relevant people are aware of these updates.

 Kind regards

 M. Kyte

British Isles Country Manager"

Download MSDS


Product Update: Tork articles 100280 & 120289.

Dear Customers, below is the piece of communication we've received from our supplier Essity on 18 Jan 2018.

Specification change to two Tork articles.

To partially offset the impact of rising costs we are constantly looking to optimise Tork products, whilst maintaining the quality of our offer. We also benchmark our products to ensure that we have specifications aligned to the marketplace.

As such we will be making a small change to the individual towel length of two of our Tork Xpress® Soft Multifold Hand Towel articles:

* 120289 Tork Xpress® Soft Multifold Hand Towel (Advanced)
* 100289 Tork Xpress® Soft Multifold Hand Towel (Premium)

* Current sheet size: 210mm x 255mm 
* New sheet size: 210mm x 240mm 

Product performance, all other specifications and pricing will remain the same.  This change will be effective from February 2018.

Please update your ordering systems and communications to reflect the change.


Western Hygiene Supplies Ltd. marks 30 years in business in January 2018.

This is celebration time for one of the Ireland’s best known companies as we at Western Hygiene start the journey into our 30th year of continuous success.

In 1988 Kevin Collins set up his own hygiene business in the West of Ireland.

As the years have passed the Company has grown into a strong national market-player with 32 staff, a large customer database and countrywide deliveries.

The Company is always on the cutting edge with products and dispensing systems sourced through internationally recognised ‘sustainable’ manufacturers including Essity, Thomil Profesional, Dr Weigert, Prodifa, TTS, Gojo.

The Company is pioneering innovation with our Food Hygiene Solution designed to take away the day to day distraction of kitchen hygiene management from the business leader and deliver best in class results while reducing labour and energy cost.

The Company is accredited with ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental, ISO 18001 Health & Safety Standard and Waste Management Standards.

The Company’s commitment to quality service was recognised by the SFA of Ireland with National Award for Achievement, Innovation & Excellence ‘Highly Commended Services’ as well as “The Best Cleaning & Hygiene Service Provider” at National Retail Supplier Awards in 2015 & 2016.

However one thing remains constant in Western Hygiene all these years: our primary aim is to exceed our customers’ expectations with innovative and effective hygiene solutions along with perfect delivery and service.


Christmas kindness.

As you know Western Hygiene has always had a strong focus on business and social responsibility. We endeavour to sponsor charities and organisations that are run on a voluntary basis, as we believe it is very important that people who volunteer their time are supported by corporate sector where possible.

🎅 ❤️ 🎄 However, now It's not time for too many words, but rather time for action, or should I say - time for good deeds?! Time to show care and support to those who might not be in the happiest place this Christmas. Time to share, give and smile more.😊 ❤️ 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 We'd really like to think with our overall input we make some lives better, safer, warmer, especially coming to the most wonderful time of the year. May your loved ones be happy and healthy this Christmas! May more miracles come true! 🎅 ❤️ 🎄

 This year we made donations to the below list of charities:

  • Cancer Care
  • Chernobyl Trust
  • Down Syndrome Ireland   
  • Enable Ireland
  • MS Ireland
  • RNLI
  • Simon
  • St Vincent De Paul
  • Western Alzheimer’s.


Dear Customers,

One of our suppliers Klenzan was purchased by Christeyns Food Hygiene Ltd. earlier in the year. They've been through the re-branding process, became fully integrated into the Christeyns family and from Friday, November the 24th are officially known as Chriseyns Food Hygiene Ltd.

Over the year 2018 the signage and documentation will be updated and replaced, but other than the name there will be no other changes and the business will be as usual.

For any additional details please look through the informational letter we received from our supplier or call us at 1850 50 55 55.

Thanks, WH

Download PDF


🎉 🎉 🎉 We're in finals again!!! 🎉 🎉 🎉

We're very proud to be acknowledged by the NRSA judging panel as one of the finalists in the Best Cleaning & Hygiene Services Provider category. We're sure going to Awards lunch on the 24th November! And fingers crossed!... 
#3rdinarow #nrsa17

P.S. 3rd year in a row Checkout Magazine hosts the National Retailer Supplier Awards. This event acknowledges best-in-class logistics providers, equipment manufacturers, store fitouts, utility providers, loyalty programmes, facilities management and merchandising teams – in essence, the suppliers ‘behind the scenes’ that make Ireland’s retail industry one of the most competitive in the world.

Customer Notification – Pre-Christmas Delivery Dates & Christmas Opening Hours 2017.

 Dear Customers,

Please note and pass on to all relevant people in your business to prevent any disruption over Christmas period:


  • The advised order date and time for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery: close of business Tuesday 19thDecember 2017 for all standard deliveries.
  • Any Dispenser Installations and or Technical Support Requests need to be submitted by close of business Monday the 18th December for consideration.
  • Installation and Service requests that can or cannot be completed before Christmas will be confirmed to everyone by close of business Tuesday the 19th

The business will be closed from Friday 22nd 3.00pm December 2017 returning Tuesday 2nd of January 2018.

For any queries, please contact your local representative or the Customer Services team in the lo-call 1850 50 55 55.




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Updates to Tork products and portfolio.

For attention of our customers we're publishing the updates on some of the Tork products with the relevant changes in codes, descriptions and major improvements that are being done. 

Please don’t forget to update your internal systems with the new information.

For further information, relevant product and spec sheets, please refer to our supplier's website tork.co.uk. or contact our Customer Services for assistance at the CallSave 18050-50-55-55 or info@westernhygiene.ie


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Updates to PURELL® Advanced Hygienic Hand Rub.

Dear Customers,

 Please note there was an update in portfolio of one of the products we supply – PURELL Advanced Hygienic Hand Rub.

Please find below the most relevant information on the change in PURELL Advanced Hygienic Hand Rub taken from the letter from our supplier: 

  • the existing 118mL Flip Top Bottle (9651-24-EEU00) will be discontinued and replaced by the 100mL Flip Top Bottle (9661-24-EEU00)The 100ml Flip Top Bottle will be priced pro rata per mL to the existing 118mL Flip Top Bottle. 
  • the existing 350mL Pump Bottle (9659-12-EEU00) will be discontinued and replaced by the 300mL Pump Bottle (9263-12-EEU00). The new 300mL Pump Bottle will be priced pro rata per mL to the existing 350mL Pump Bottle. 
  • The existing Hook-on-Holder (9007-12) will accommodate the new 300mL Pump Bottle

Please note the product and the price are to be adjusted accordingly for your next order.

If you have any further questions or would like to look through original letter from the manufacturer, please contact our Customer Services at the CallSave 1850-50-55-55 or info@westernyhygiene.ie     


Updates to GOJO® Triclosan Based Formulations

For attention of our customers we are publishing the extract (on the relevant changes) from the informational letter we received from European Sales Operation Manager, GOJO Industries-Europe Limited.

 "GOJO is writing to inform you that due to the decision made by the Biocidal Product Committee (BPC) to remove from the market all formulations containing the ingredient Triclosan, the products listed below are being discontinued.

 GOJO NXT® Antibac Lotion Soap 1000ml Refill                                         2157-08-EEU00

GOJO Antibacterial Foam Soap 535ml Bottle                                           5789-04-EEU00

 Industry guidelines state that all Triclosan based formulations are to be out of the market no later than the 27th July 2017. GOJO will continue to supply these while stocks last however in order to ensure that you have time to sell through any of the above named products, GOJO will cease shipping these to all of our customers by 28th April.

 Please note that GOJO are unable to accept product returns for any Triclosan based formulations therefore, we kindly request that when ordering stock, you consider the above dates in mind so as to ensure that any Triclosan based products are sold through and out of the market by 27th July.


 GOJO NXT Antibac Lotion Soap alternative

GOJO Mild Lotion Soap NXT 1000ml Refill                                                2103-08-EEU00

 The Mild Lotion Soap formulation combined with the correct handwashing protocol is suitable for all general handwashing environments. If the product required is for use in food handling/service environments, then we would recommend that an antimicrobial soap is used."

For any further information, please contact your local Territory Manager or lo-call the Customer Service team on 1850 50 55 55.


We're going to CATEX 2017

 We are thrilled to be exhibiting at the forthcoming CATEX trade expo, Ireland’s largest foodservice & hospitality event, which is taking place at the RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin, from 21st to 23rd February.

 We will be at stand H23, and are excited to be showcasing our new and existing products by the internationally recognized manufacturers like SCA, Thomil, Dr.Weigert and their top-class brands as well as some very new ranges, presented exclusively at the show!

 With over 10,000 visitors expected, including thousands of people who work in foodservice and hospitality across Ireland, CATEX provides an unrivalled opportunity to source the best products for your business, keep up to date with the latest trends and network with the industry’s finest. 

 As the TRADE event for the foodservice industry, CATEX will be a buzz of activity across the three days, as it plays host to the Irish Barista Championships, Irish Cocktail Championships and over 1,000 chefs will be competing in the Panel Of Chefs’ Chef Ireland Competitions. 

 To register to visit and be part of Ireland’s leading industry event, for FREE, please visit www.CATEXexhibition.com

 If you can’t make the event, visit our Facebook Page and Twitter Account to see photos from the event.  


Updates to PURELL® Advanced Hygienic Hand Rub Refills

For attention of our customers we are publishing the extract (on the relevant changes) from the informational letter we received from European Sales Operation Manager, GOJO Industries-Europe Limited.

  "TFX Touch-Free Dispensing Systems 

  • Case pack size will change from 4 refills per case to 2 refills per case. This change will bring the case pack size in line with all other TFX refills.
  • The case pack price will reduce by 50%.
  • These changes are effective as of 23rd January 2017.

  NXT® & 800ml Dispensing Systems 

  • The NXT & 800ml refills are NOT affected by this change therefore these refills can be ordered as normal"


For any further information, please contact your local Territory Manager or lo-call the Customer Service team on 1850 50 55 55.



We had a very exciting start to this week with some amazing news for Western Hygiene! (I think we're all still hopping with excitement!)
The National Retail Supplier Awards 2016 ceremony was held on Friday the 25th of November.
We were nominated as finalists again in the “Best Cleaning & Hygiene Services Provider” category and we won it with flying colours second time in a row (eeeek) !!!!

It’s a great achievement for us as we were nominated, evaluated and awarded by the independent panel of judges who are, as well, businesses, or in another words, our potential or maybe even existing customers!
Being awarded best in the Retail Sector (second time in a row!!) is what again uplifts our company to another level from our competitors.
Being awarded by consumers proves that it’s the quality of our products and services that matters to our customers!
Being awarded second time in a row means we’re highly competitive national company and we’re the market leaders in our Hygiene sector!
All of this gives us the power (and right) of saying we are the best at we do! Our products, our services, our team, our principles of work, our efforts – everything we do every day is second to none!
We at Western Hygiene thank and congratulate all and everyone in our team as this is OUR Award and together we make it happen!
We would also like to thank Checkout Ireland Magazine for holding the event and Radisson Blu in Dublin for hosting and a nice lunch!
Our heartiest congratulations to all who's been into finals and to those who won the awards in their sector. We hope to see everyone again next year and we're sure going to try and get the 3rd plate in a row!


What's your colour?

So our supplier SCA who's big into innovation, researches and scientific approach to table settings, organised this huge experiment to discover more about the colour influencing the restaurant experience of guests and their overall feelings.

It's obvious everyone has their own favourite colour, but how this colour make you feel? Calm? Relaxed? Happy? In love?...... What feeling do you expect from your customers after leaving your restaurant/ cafe/ diner? What is the experience you'd like them to come back for? Can the Tork colour theory in any way help you with that? Well, it's up to you whether to follow this research or now but we couldn't not share it with you. If you have any questions or would like to order coloured napkins to complete your restaurant's look, please do not hesitate to contact us in any convenient way!

And there's the experiment itself:

Colors affect the mood and behavior of humans. And although there are many aspects within a restaurant that affects the experience of a guest – color is a critical one. To provide inspiration and food for thought around colors, Tork has used brain wave technology to measure how guests react to different colors.

16 guests equipped with brain wave headsets experienced 8 environments in 8 different colours. Each setting was designed with restaurant attributes completely covered in a monochrome colour – from walls and floor to furniture and tableware. 
For each colour experience the guests were asked to taste a drink and a miniature Macaroon – identical in all aspects except for the colour, matched to the surrounding environment. For every setting, brain activity and heart rate was measured, alongside a questionnaire to inventory the reactions from the participants. All data from the testing has been analysed to create a profile for each colour.
The meditative green

The brain wave results indicate a revitalizing quality for the green colour, with restorative deep relaxation and immune system improvement. The heart rate was also below average in this room. In line with this, the green colour was described as relaxing, calm and welcoming. It was perceived to be suitable for lunch or coffee with people you know well. An environment in which to recover and heal, rather than get excited or experience romance.

The happy orange

Overall, orange was perceived as modern and fun typically associated with happy experiences together with kids and friends. On the other hand orange could also be seen as somewhat unromantic, a bit stressful and not luxurious. The brain wave and heart rate results showed that orange might be a more neutral choice compared to other strong colours such as yellow. Orange also gave mid-range indications of gamma waves, associated with learning and information processing.

The sophisticated black

Black is a colour of complexity. It was perceived as luxurious, modern and sophisticated but at the same time a bit unwelcoming and boring. It was strongly perceived to be suitable for a sophisticated dinner date or evening drinks - events where you leave your kids at home. The brain wave readings indicated high levels of creativity and arousal, but also a lower level of focus – making it less appealing for business set-ups.

The exciting yellow

Yellow is an exciting and fun colour, suitable for an arousing environment. The brain wave results indicated higher states of arousal and conscious focus, but in extreme cases also higher stress levels. Also, both the average and max heart rates where high for yellow. The colour was perceived to be suitable for breakfast experiences, perhaps to lift the mood and give an energy-boost in the morning. Yellow was also the most popular colour for venues where to bring kids.

The romantic red

Red that stands out and provokes powerful emotions rather than blending in. Red gave high indications in the delta and theta brain wave ranges - meaning strong emotional connection and high levels of creativity. Heart rate results were also high, indicting a stimulating environment. Perhaps not surprising, red is strongly associated with romance and evening drinks. However there is also an exciting and fun side of red.

The calm blue

The blue colour gave high indications in the delta wave range, which means deeply relaxed states. High theta waves also indicate creativity and high emotional connection. This responds to the fact that blue was described welcoming, calm and relaxing. Blue was perceived to work well for a family-friendly venue to have breakfast or coffee, but not so well for a luxurious restaurant experience or a venue used for business meetings.

The traditional brown

Brown scored low on the majority of brain wave ranges, indicating a neutral colour. The delta wave range and heart rate results suggest that brown may also encourage relaxation. Brown is perceived as traditional, neutral and relaxing. Brown is perhaps not the best choice to create arousing experiences, but was perceived to be a good colour for more traditional venues and easy to match with other colours.

The luxurious white
White stood out and yielded low indications for all brain wave ranges – indicating a neutral colour and something of a blank canvas for guests’ experiences. White is also perceived as the best colour for business settings. The colour is seen as luxurious and modern, but scored low on aroused emotions such as fun 
and exciting. A colour suitable to create neutral environments that do not distract from the task at hand.

Macaroons in eight different colours, but with the same taste - served throughout all colour environments in the experiment.

The information taken from Tork official website: http://www.tork.co.uk/about/whytork/horeca/ 


Our success in transition to new 2015 standards.

It's been some time since we successfully updated all our Standards, but we'd like to share the news as this is very important for our company and as well for our customers: it proves our high levels of expertise and service and passion for what we do in our sector. This year we not only did everything to confirm our certifications, but we also took the challenge of transiting to the new updated 2015 requirements for the Quality and Environment Standards. We were one of the first companies in Ireland to do that and completed the mission with flying colours. We had some help from Almir Business Ltd. and that's what their managing director Dick Whelan said in their congratulating letter: “This is a major achievement as Western Hygiene is an early adaptor in the transition for both standards and reflect their mission to exceed their customers’ expectations. The transition process was facilitated by the active involvement of the team in Western Hygiene”.

Therefore it's just honest to say that we're not only accredited but also we're leading the way for ISO 9001 (Quality Management) ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety Management System) Standards.

Well said by our managing director Kevin Collins: "Western Hygiene credits our ISO certification for the continued success and growth of our business.  Over the years we developed all our ISO Standards with Processes and Systems to drive efficiencies within our company so most daily tasks are automated where possible. This means we have a seamless process from the customer placing their orders through our sales team on through our dispatch, logistics and administration departments. This creates huge efficiencies and in turn means we are better able compete for business across all sector categories in the market.  Our ISO Standards also differentiate our company as a top in its class in the hygiene and services sector which is nothing more than what our customers and prospects expect".

What else to add?! Only that our primary aim is to exceed our customers’ expectations with innovations and effective hygiene solutions along with perfect delivery and service. We carry this mission throughout every day-to-day task, every employee, every challenge we have on the way.

If you need the proven documentation on our ISO Standards, you could find it in the "Certification" sector of our website.



Our Price Increase

Western Hygiene would like to inform our customers that from 1st of July 2016 we're increasing all our prices by 3.5%. 

The last price increase we had was in 2013 and didn't affect chemical range. We were holding the prices as long as we could but finally came to the point where the adjustment was necessary. Our main suppliers keep coming with their own price increases and you can find this information below.

We'd like to thank our customers for their business and tell them how much we appreciate every one of them. We'd also like to point out several facts that differ us from the competitors and add value to our products and services:

  • Our chemical products (Thomil range) are free from all carcinogenic substances. Their removal coming from EU directives has put a lot of pricing pressure on the manufacturer but it’s a price worth paying, wouldn't you agree?
  • Our chemical are Ecolabeled.
  • Our paper products come with supplied, installed and constantly maintained equipment.
  • Our products are supplied with training, service calls to check results and equipment on site.
  • All our products are top in class and we always put quality first!
  • All our products are fully compliant and the DATA sheets are provided.
  • We constantly update our already wide product range with innovative and effective items to meet all the hygiene needs our customers might have.
  • Our new and extremely helpful Customer Service Department is fully qualified to support customers in all their everyday questions.
  • Our delivery staff is highly trained in solving different customers’ issues and supplied with handheld devices to lessen the paper usage and protect the environment.
  • Our sales staff is fully trained on products and systems and is able to provide the quality advise.
  • We’re approved on the Office of Government Procurement Framework for 7 years along with only 3 other companies. We’re approved on HSE Framework as well.
  • We’re constantly upgrading online support for the customers: the website content is updated with news, photos, new offers etc. Web portal capabilities are being developed to fully support those who’d prefer online ordering and accounts information always at hand. Have you tried it already? It's totally mobile optimised and very user-friendly!
  • We care big time about keeping our customers’ satisfaction level high and that is confirmed by being awarded with Best Cleaning and Hygiene Service Provider at National Retail Supplier Awards 2015. 
  • We also Highly Commended for Service by Small Firms Association.

And this list is not yet completed! Furthermore we'd like to say that we're working on a whole new bunch of promotions and special offers: free stuff to give away, fresh monthly deals, special discounts, new products and product bundles for your convenience! 

Please stay with us, visit our webpage for news and promos,call us at 1850 50 55 55 or email at info@westernhygiene.ie, contact your local sales representative. We're always ready to answer all your questions! We can also reassure you we will continue serving our mission of exceeding our customers' expectations with innovative & effective hygiene solutions along with perfect delivery and service.

Western Hygiene Price Increase 2016 Letter




Sealed Air Price Increase

On the 31st of May 2016 we've received a letter of price increase from one of our supplier - Sealed Air. They advised that there will be an increase on a selected range of products taking effect from 1st of July 2016. Some of the key factors they've mentioned:

  • " Regulatory pressures and costs: The changes int he regulations affecting our industry continue to have major impacts on complexity and cost in bringing products to market (BPR, Biocidal Product Regulation and CLP, Classification, Labeling and Packaging).
  • Challenging Freight and Delivery Costs: Driver regulations, transport taxes etc.
  • Chemical industry pressures and upward trends: Total European capacity has declined. Force major issues in petrochemicals, resulting in material shortages and competition for raw materials. Europe does not have sources of cheap feedstock as other regions do (US has cheap shale gas and good oil supply, Middle-East has oil and natural gas, Far-East has coal based chemistry)."

The supplier reassured Western Hygiene that they remain committed to delivering superior cleaning and hygiene products that are regulatory compliant and continue to invest in innovation.

Sealed Air Price Increase 2016 Letter 



ISSA Interclean, Amsterdam 10-13 of May 2016.

Our management team is just back from Amsterdam. Plenty of inspiration and ideas they brought back! The office is buzzing today with all the stories and the impressions of this massive event which definitely worth visiting to support our highest standards in Hygiene! Amsterdam itself as well has won our team's hearts one more time.

Some pictures of being schooled with new products and their advantages. Believe it or not but something as simple as toilet brush can be improved and made more hygienic, easier to clean and even more effective. Robert Scott and Sons saw the gap in this particular market and came up with an advanced version by replacing the traditional bristles with an eight-bladed cleaning head. 

"The problem with traditional toilet brushes is that they get clogged up," said group sales manager Gill Ireson. "They also breed bacteria, and this then sits in the brush-holder for days."The LooBlade is made from antibacterial rubber that kills 99.9 per cent of germs on contact. It can be washed like a squeegee and is practically dry again by the time it goes back into the holder." The LooBlade's holder is ventilated to ensure than any remaining moisture evaporates swiftly. The product can also be used as a plunger if required. "We believe the LooBlade to be the first of its kind - but it is such a good idea that we're quite surprised that something like this wasn't developed years ago," she said.(ECJ Journal)

The LooBlade has already attracted interest from the healthcare sector and from high-end hotels. It definitely attracted our interest too as our primary aim is to exceed our customers' expectations with innovative & effective hygiene solutions along with perfect delivery and service. 

And this is just one product from the show with hundreds of different ideas! We're going to start sharing our inspiration very soon and for our products please visit us at www.westernhygiene.ie  and order online at your handiest time!




SCA Tork Price Increase 

On the 30th of April 2016 we've received a notification from our supplier SCA about the price increase effective from 1st of July 2016 that will apply to all Tork branded and unbranded articles.

Earlier (in 2014) SCA announced that starting on 1st of January 2015 they would introduce an annual price increase which would be based on business and general inflation changes and effective at the beginning of the each year. In fairness to them, the 2016 change was postponed until later in the year and they promised to combine it with 2017 price change to have only the one adjustment across two years. 

However, they mentioned that "this "annual" review would not take into consideration the cost evolution of raw materials. In case of high volatility in raw materials or other items, this will be addressed in a separate process."

SCA also says to Western Hygiene: "the change has been carefully determined by balancing the need to secure our ongoing investment program in innovation, equipment, customer service, sales and marketing activities with the need to ensure you can be competitive and win the market.

SCA Price Increase Letter 2016



Price Increase affecting Medical Gloves ONLY! 

Dear Customers!

Recently it has being brought to our attention by our Disposable Glove supply partners SUPERTOUCH that their Medical Grade Gloves have increased in price by €4.92 per case of 1000.

As you are aware Medical Grade Gloves have to conform to all legal requirements as the safety of users and anyone coming in contact with them has to be taken very seriously. They are tested and proven to ensure that our customer is protected from any microorganisms, bodily fluids etc. and that they are what they say they are.

The SUPERTOUCH Medical Gloves we supply you with have an Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) of 1.5 – meaning up to 1.5 Gloves per hundred could be faulty and in the market we find Gloves with an AQL as low as 30.

We have put all the supporting documentation from our manufacturers SUPERTOUCH in the downloadable files below.

 The price increase of €4.92 per case will apply to Medical Grade Gloves Only commencing on 1st May 2016.

In the meantime please speak to our representative for more information on our full range of gloves.

 We thank you sincerely for your business in the past and for your understanding in this matter and we look forward to being of service to you in the future.

Medical Grade Gloves Price Increase Letter from WH

Customer Information on Powderfree Vinyl Gloves Medical Grade

Statement of Product Conformity

Test Report on Powderfree Vinyl Gloves Medical Grade




TRAINING: TTS Professional Cleaning Solutions.

On the 22nd March 2016 we had training on TTS products and systems, kindly conducted by Ms. Sangar Vedovato - Export Area Manager form TTS Cleaning, Italy and Mr. Campbell Mclean - Sales Manager, United Kingdom. During the training we learned about new and innovative products as well as refreshing our knowledge on those we have been selling for years. Now we know that such a simple thing as the universal door stopper can save you from unnecessary bending and reduce working time while also reducing the risk of injury. We also know that for floors with low, medium and high levels of dirt there are 3 different microfibre mops. We also learned how perfectly hygienic and easy to clean inside the bin with a drain-plug?! Oh, and don't even get me started on the trolleys that you can build yourself according to your demands!

This is what TTS say about their products: 

"Handle them: they're colourful and "smart"!
TTS products stand out immediately. Each one is designed to support an operator in a simple, intuitive, professional and “modular” way.
“Systems” are the central point for TTS. A vast range of products develop around them to satisfy any cleaning need. Ergonomic study of single products guarantees perfect balance for the final result. Product after product, innovation after innovation we can satisfy specific environmental needs: from hotel to restaurant, industry to hospitals, on to offices and schools, airports etc.
You can choose from six product lines dedicated to the different needs:  floor cleaning, washing trolleys, multi-purpose trolleys, waste collection trolleys and containers, linen trolleys, signs and markers. Lots of different proposals with that unique, excellent price-quality ratio."

In conclusion I'd like to add that we train our representatives on all products so they're available to help you with all your hygiene needs and provide you with expert advice and perfect service!

For more photos please follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/westernhygienesl




OR 10 and 1 Reason to order our Napkin Solution TODAY! 

  1. Whole new approach to table setting with a video presentation!
  2. Free Demo given by our Sales Representative in your restaurant!
  3. Price per setting already calculated for a table of 2 or 4 people!
  4. Option to modify the chosen setting by adding or excluding items!
  5. Informative flyer with prices and items included in setting!
  6. Amazing variety of colours and styles - we’ll find you the suitable one! 
  7. Free Delivery!
  8. No delays with re-orders!
  9. Premium quality guarantee!
  10. 24/7 Online access to your account and option to order online!
AND 11.Order the Napkin Solution until 31st of March 2016 and give yourself a chance to win one of 3 great prizes: 
  • 2 One For All Vouchers worth €150  each.
  • Western Hygiene Next Order Voucher worth €200! 

We don't sell just napkins, we sell:

  • the new idea of table setting!

  • the new look of your restaurant!

  • the new and outstanding experience for your visitors!

Find more details in the supporting letter, watch the video for the ideas, have a look at the promotional flyers for the information!





National Retailer Supplier Awards 2015 ceremony took place at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin on Friday 27th November 2015 hosted by Checkout Magazine.

This first-of-its-kind event acknowledged best-in-class logistics providers, equipment manufacturers, store fit outs, utility providers, loyalty programmes, facilities management and merchandising teams – in essence, the suppliers ‘behind the scenes’ that make Ireland’s retail industry one of the most competitive in the world.

Western Hygiene were nominated in the “Best Cleaning and Hygiene Services Provider” category along with other strong competitors and we were chosen as outright national winners by an independent panel of judges. This demonstrates yet again that our offer of premium quality products and service sets us apart in our market sector as we continually evolve and innovate so we can deliver the best solutions, cost savings and efficiencies to our customers!

We'd like to thank our team for the effort they make every day, our customers, suppliers and partners for their continuing trust and support, the judges for recognising our commitment to quality service and Checkout Magazine for the nomination and the Award!




Good news for Western Hygiene Supplies and further proof of what we stand for in our sector as we are nominated as one of three finalists in the Best Cleaning and Hygiene Services Provider category of the Checkout National Retail Supplier Awards 2015

 Finalists were chosen by an independent panel of judges comprised of several of Ireland’s leading independent retailers, symbol groups and supermarkets.  Both finalists and winners will receive an award acknowledging their contribution to Ireland’s retail industry, one of the most competitive in the world.

 The winner in each category will be announced at the inaugural National Retailer Supplier Awards ceremony which will take place at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin 8, on Friday 27th November 2015.


And this is another example of Western Hygiene standing out from the crowd thanks to all our efforts in this market space!




For attention of our customers we are publishing the extract from the letter we received from European Sales Operation Manager, GOJO Industries-Europe Limited.

"I am pleased to inform you that GOJO are upgrading our PURELL Hygienic Hand Sanitising Foam range to PURELL Advanced – this new formula delivers unprecedented germ kill combined with clinically proven maintenance of skin health.

We are proud to continue to deliver innovation.

 After years of research and field trials, PURELL Advanced is a breakthrough formula that strengthens the power of alcohol, enabling it to penetrate the bacterial cell membranes easier and kill germs more efficiently. As a result this new formula delivers superior germ killing performance.

 AND it is clinically proven to maintain skin health."

We'd also like to add that due to the enhancements to the PURELL foam formula there will be some changes to the PURELL foam product portfolio: introduction of new products and several discontinuations. For further information, please contact us.




Did you know?...

Global Handwashing Day was originally created for children and schools, but can be celebrated by anyone promoting handwashing with soap. Each year, over 200 million people are involved in celebrations in over 100 countries around the world.

Are you aware?...

Germs and bacteria that cause common illnesses are invisible to the naked eye. Whether you are in a workplace, public facility, leisure environment or educational facility, germs are spread from person-to person and by touching everyday surfaces.

And just some yucky facts: ...
  • 1 in 5 people don’t wash their hands, of those that do, only 30% use soap!
  • Out of every 100 people, 20 people don’t wash their hands and 56 people don’t use soap!
  • 76 people either don’t wash their hands at all or don’t use soap to clean their hands properly!

Today is Global Handwashing Day and these are just little but so important things you have to know! Wash your hands, teach your kids when and how to wash their hands, tell your colleagues about proper handwashing, use hand sanitisers and rubs!

Keep your hands clean, not contagious!

For more information, educational and warning posters and hand washing techniques, please visit our partner's website debgroup.com.